Though FASA is gone the Battletech Universe™ is still here, and as strong as ever. This page contains campaign notes and unofficial material for what is now, once again, known as Battletech™.


September 19, 2012 I made some corrections to the path of the Glittering Rain and Path of the Soaring Titan schtick paths.
  • Corrected the Torrent of Steel schtick wo that it is now an advantage, rather than a disadvantage.
  • Made the piloting skill check penalty for the Leap schtick less severe removed some of the extra text surrounding leaping into water.
December 15th, 2011 Catalyst Game Labs has announced that the reprint of the Battletech 25th Anniversary Box Set will finally be available on January 25th, 2012. The first printing sold out in record time, but hopefully interested new players will be able to get their hands on the box and try it out.
October 20th, 2010
  • I found and fixed a number of errors and omissions left over from the migration.
  • I have started an updated fast unit generation system for the campaign guide
  • I have finally added a sample 'regular' pilot to the GURPS character creation page
October 18th, 2010: We are now OPEN! All of the content from my old web site has been migrated to the new (and improved) Battletech Memorial. From now on, new content and updates will show up here, and not there.
October 15th, 2010: Major Changes! The Battletech Memorial is settling into its new home. This site now resides in its own domain! The new site is still coming online, so for now, I suggest you keep reading the original version for now.
October 14th, 2010
  • Updated the schtick diagram for the Path of the Glittering Rain to reflect the new Torrent of Steel schtick.
  • Made a few more additions and corrections to the miniatures gallery

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