Battletech Campaign Guide

This page is designed to provide new source material and rules for use in Battletech role playing campaigns. Much of this site is devoted to providing alternatives to the published Mechwarrior RPGs, but there is plenty of more generic material which can be modified or extended for any environment.

A Guide to Battletech Role Playing Campaigns

I have developed a set of rules and guidelines for running a Battletech role playing campaign using the GURPS™ system. There are also some suggested extentions to the basic Battletech game designed for use in a role playing scenario.

With this system you can take advantage of GURPS's excellent role playing system while still getting your armored combat fix through Classic Battletech. Unlike the several other GURPS Battletech conversion systems available on the internet, this one only uses GURPS for action off of the battlefield but it preserves the Battletech system for combat on the battlefield of the 31st century.

Campaign Seeds

The following pages provide broad outlines for Battletech campaigns which I have run in the past, or which I intend to run in the near future. The primary intended audience for these pages is any player in one of those campaigns. Still, I have left them publicly available on this site for anybody to read. GMs looking for an idea for a new game are welcome to borrow any concepts from these page. Note, however, that some of these games have deviated from strict Battletech cannon and may not be compatible with some official products or game materials.

Battletech Strategic Campaigns

This section is devoted to condensed campaign rules designed to aid a GM in running a long term Battletech campaign with or without role playing elements. These rules are presented as an alternative to the existing Battletech War Chest track system. The War Chest system is a good one, but creating a new campaign without an existing published track can take a lot of work. With any luck, this system is an easier way to create a campaign from the ground up.