Miniatures Gallery

Over the years I have accumulated quite a few Battletech™ miniatures. Most of them are older sculpts from the technical readouts 3025, 3026 and 3050. These galleries are designed to showcase some of the units I have painted over the years.

Miniatures Galleries
Inner Sphere Clan Unofficial Units
Inner Sphere Gallery Clan Gallery Unofficial Units

A Note on Antenna Wire

For many years, I have used the stiff steel wire which Ral Partha used to include in its Battletech miniature blisters to make antennae for my Battletech miniatures. Sadly, Iron Wind Metals does not include any extra wire for this purpose, making the old wire a rare and valuable commodity. Eventually, I extracted all the wire from my old blue blisters and ran out.

I have seen recommendations for using everything from boar's hair to toothbrush bristles on the web, but the best substitute I have been able to locate is 0.020" brass wire, which I buy at a local art supply store. It's much more ridgid than natural or nylon fiber, but it's easier to cut than the old steel wire. I highly recommend it. It's manufactured by KS Manufacturing. You can try searching in stores which cater to art or architecture students; it worked for me. Failing that, a wide selection of brass stock is available from MicroMark along with a whole host of other handy tools and accessories.

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